Community Alliance for Social Justice (CASJ)

Promoting social justice through advocacy, research, public education and political action

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About Us

casj_logo11We are an organization of Filipino community groups and individuals dedicated to advancing social justice through advocacy, education, and community action.

Mission Statement

To advance social justice by working to redress the grievances of victims of oppression.  To help eliminate systemic injustice through advocacy, education , community action, and promotion of changes in legislation.


1.    To help protect the legitimate interests and defend the rights of the vulnerable and disadvantaged – particularly the youth, the caregivers, the newly-arrived immigrants, the workers, the underemployed professionals, the elderly, people with disabilities, and people who are living in poverty.

2.    To champion the cause of victims of racism and other forms of discrimination, and blatant abuse of rights in public or private institutions.

3.    To undertake a variety of strategies such as community-based actions, mass education, public protests, publicity campaigns, legal action, legislative lobbying, in support of our campaigns and projects.

4.    To raise funds to support our campaigns and projects.

5.    To help groups and campaigns that support causes similar to ours.

6.    To collaborate with community organizations and groups, individuals and institutions in support of our campaigns and projects.

7.    To work for unity and cooperation among various groups and individuals towards building a strong community that can protect its interests and earn the respect of Canadian society as a whole.

8.    To reach out to other communities to foster mutual understanding, unity and cooperation on social justice issues.

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