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CASJ’s Tribute to Kababayan Community Centre on Its 30th Year

Posted by casjcanada on September 7, 2007

By Edwin C. Mercurio
Chairperson – Community Alliance for Social Justice

I’m very pleased to be here with you tonight to celebrate the work and achievements of the Kababayan Community Centre.

As Chairperson of the Community Alliance for Social Justice,  I wish to congratulate the officials, and board Members of the Kababayan Community Centre for their long and outstanding work for our community and the Canadian community as a whole. CASJ’s alliance building and advocacy achievements have been made possible because of allied community organizations such as the Kababayan Community Centre.

Kababayan Community Centre is made upof people who have served and built a strong community foundation for the past 30 years  years. To them were added the first immigrants: the Tagalogs, the Ilonggos, the Ilocanos, the Cebuanos, the Warays, the Cavitenos and many more. Now, our Kababayans have come from far and wide.

Today, with the advent of various compatriots from several regions of the Philippines come new sorts of challenges. Among these are the problems confronting new immigrants and citizens, the live-in caregiver program participants, the youths and seniors, social justice, access to trades and professions, equity and human rights issues. Despite these difficult tasks Kababayan Community Centre with the support, enthusiasm and efforts of its officers, members and allied organizations will persevere in their community service, will continue to grow, prosper and empower our community.

As the number of  population born outside Canada continually grows as high as 50% in major Canadian cities like Toronto, there is a growing challenge for the Filipino-Canadian community to seize every opportunity to be a part of this growth-economically, politically. socially and culturally. And the struggle to promote the best interest of our community and contribute towards Canadian nation building can best be achieved by working together, by building alliances and advocating for social justice. The Filipino community is well-equipped to face the challenge – being one of the highly educated sector of the immigrant community and Canadian society.

Kababayan Community Centre has planted the seeds of community service, community capacity building and empowerment.  Every Filipino-Canadian community organizations in Ontario, therefore, must strive to emulate KCC’s achievements. Every leader of our community organizations must strive to nurture, to nourish and let that seed of service to our community bear fruits to sustain us and the future generations in this long journey.

All these can happen, sooner,  when we find ways to talk to each other, to study our national history and international events and issues that impact our community.  We must objectively and scientifically analyze our obstacles and problems and  find collective ways to act and solve them.

Thank you Kababayan Community Centre for having taken such leadership for the past 30 years.



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